Game design and development

Highlander Studio specializes in outsourced game production services. We deliver high-quality game production including graphic design, character development, programming, mathematics and physics, artificial intelligence, level design and quality assurance/game testing.

Online games

We offer a wide range of development services to create online powerful and innovative games that can be produced with Macromedia technologies such as Flash and Shockwave. Our effective server-side component solutions provide secure and reliable communication between the players and the server on platforms such as Windows, Linux and Macintosh machines.

Mobile games

We provide mobile development services with cutting edge technologies to create mobile software solutions for such platforms as Black Berry, Brew, Android, Windows Mobile, Java and Symbian. We have expertise in both wireless and mobile application development for iPhone, Smartphone and for Pocket PC using C#, C++, J2ME or VB.NET programming languages.

Desktop games

Our development team have the knowledge to develop cutting edge high quality games using 2D or 3D graphics on Macintosh, Windows and Linux machines using techniques OpenGL and DirectX. Optimized codes developed in languages C, C++ and objective-C offer sophisticated features such as full-realistic motion, physics and artificial intelligence in high quality.